Fitting modern fascia and soffit boards to your home protects the rafter and joist ends from the effects of the weather.

If left exposed, bad weather can leave your home open to damp, condensation, and decay. We are able to replace old timber boards on your existing property with new new modern boards that are rot-proof and virtually maintenance-free, to keep your rafter and joist ends in good condition.


The fascia is mounted at the point where the roof meets the outer walls of the house. The fascia board is the long, straight board that runs along the lower edge of the roof and is fixed directly to the roof trusses and usually does all the work of supporting the bottom row of tiles and carrying all of the guttering.

In a heavy downpour, the roof of a three-bed semi could be washing several gallons of water per second into its gutters.


This is the board that is installed on the gable end of a house. The condition of the bargeboard can often affect the look of a house and is available in some very attractive shapes.


The soffit board is tucked away under the fascia board; the most of which can be sen from street level. It can be ventilated to allow the flow of air into the roof cavity or, alternatively, ventilation can be provided over the top of the fascia board as without adequate ventilation, condensation will form in the roof void thus increasing the risk of timber decay.


The box end accommodates the many different angles, planes and heights of the fascia, soffit and bargeboard at each corner of the house where there is a gable end.


The pipework attached to the building to carry away the waste water from the roof of the property.