Felt roofing is a very common material used on flat roofs such as on garages, schools, colleges, offices, hospitals and extensions.

Generally, they work by combining two or three layers of material together to make an impenetrable barrier that is then coated with a waterproof finishing material to further protect the substrate. Thermal insulation can be used to increase the UV rating of the building according to the new building regulations.

There are a number of reasons to use roofing felt, apart from the fact that it is a proven material that has been in use for many years. Firstly, the size of the job is immaterial – it can be large or small and the felt can cover it easily. Roofing felt is both durable and able to deal with the worse of the weather such as wind a rain. It can also be applied to both flat roofs and also pitched and curved roofs meaning there are many jobs where it is the perfect roofing material. There is also a range of different ways that it can be applied to the roof. Felts are a more robust material for heavy duty wear and tear.